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A little sedation goes a long way

We are always doing our best to make patient visits as comfortable as possible, one of the ways we can help if you are anxious about having dental treatment done is to offer dental sedation.

Just the other day we had a follow up visit with Allister, a patient of ours who was petrified of dental treatment but ended up having a great experience throught the use of sedation.

"I recently had treatment under sedation at the practice, and while I was in the dental chair for a long appointment it felt like only a few minutes and I have to say it was a very relaxed experience for someone like me who is normally really anxious about dental treatment. I had a tooth taken out as part of the treatment and I couldn't believe that I didn't remember it coming out."

If you are too afraid to have the treatment you know you need then ask us about conscious sedation, its a relaxing and anxiety free way to get your treatment done. Sedation dentistry does not put you to sleep but instead gives you a relaxed easy feeling like you haven't got a care in the world. I've had it myself so I should know. Time just seems to fly by and before you know it you're at home resting with a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

We have had so many great visits with patients who otherwise would have neglected their oral health or avoided more complex treatments beacuse of a fear which we could easily remove.

To find out more don't hesitate to call us.

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